37Signals Gives A Nod To Aptus FonB

We were expecting this to happen – but it was still an exciting moment:  
37Signals has officially acknowledged Aptus FonB as a Highrise integration by adding us to their ‘extras’ page here.   
Use Aptus FonB to get more out of your Highrise data!

The most valuable asset for ANY organization is your contact list. So Aptus FonB has been created to make Highrise data more readily available to all levels of employees by:
  1. Making your Highrise data available on all of your company IP phones.
  2. Creating a unified, companywide directory that pools the sales leads and client contacts of all your employees into a single, accessible, searchable list.
  3. Empowering all levels of employees to add to and maintain Highrise data (add new contacts, upload call notes and recordings and more).
  4. Making it easy for managers to review employee productivity.
And that’s just the beginning!
Let’s take a quick look at how Aptus FonB integrated with Highrise can increase your company productivity and sales:
Boost company profits by making your Highrise data more accessible to both managers and staff:
Aptus FonB makes it easy for all levels of employees in your organization to quickly access, review, and add to your Highrise data.  
Benefits include:
  • Easily insert new contacts and valuable sales leads into Highrise via FonB’s Call History.
  • Upload call notes and recordings, making it easy for anyone in your organization to review the contact history for any single client or sales lead. 
  • Get FAST access to individual Highrise contact details within FonB (quick, one-click access feature makes locating contacts a breeze).
  • Review call notes and recordings from your Highrise contact page.
  • View all calls made to any Highrise contact by employee, team, or department.
Aptus FonB makes it quick and painless for EVERYONE in your organization (not just IT staff) to manage, maintain, and review your Highrise data.
Get your entire organization working from a unified, companywide phone directory:
With Aptus FonB, you’ll increase productivity on a companywide scale when you reduce time wasted searching for the contact details of key corporate clients and sales leads held by other employees.
With FonB, there’s no more, ‘Do you have Bill Smith’s phone number?  Or does Frank in Marketing have it?’  Everyone will be working from the same, unified directory - so everyone shares corporate contacts.
Benefits include:
  • Import Highrise Contacts and synchronize them directly to Asterisk and any IP phone, companywide. Corporate contacts are now shared and available.
  • Enjoy FAST, split-second dialing of your Highrise contacts.
  • ‘Number Rewrite’ rules automatically modify your Highrise contacts to match your company dialplan.  
  • Make ‘Internal Extensions’ available on your IP phone as Corporate Contacts.
PLUS – users have the option to integrate their Google Contacts and Mobile Contacts on an individual level, while maintaining the privacy of personal contacts. (Personal contacts are only made available on individuals’ IP phones.)
Imagine the time-savings and increased productivity when every individual in your organization is working from the same Highrise directory with the most current contact information, call history, call notes, and recordings available at their fingertips!
Effortlessly give your managers the data they need to increase team productivity and sales:  
Most CDRs overwhelm managers with useless information.  And IT resources end up being wasted, pulling reports that transform this data jumble into reports that management can actually read.
Aptus FonB solves this problem by making it quick and painless for managers to review the productivity of their individual staff and teams, directly from a sleek, intuitive user interface.  
Benefits include:
  • View Call Histories by individual employee, team, or department, and see which of your Highrise Contacts have been dialed.
  • Monitor productivity to ensure team targets are being met.
  • See who is making too many personal calls on company time by identifying Highrise-work related calls vs. personal calls.
  • Easily spot check the quality of data being entered into Highrise by individual employees (review call notes & recordings).  
  • Make sure Sales Teams are entering quality information to improve their closing ratios.
  • Review new leads being entered into Highrise by Sales Teams.
Aptus FonB empowers your managers to better lead their teams and ultimately increase company profits with better quality data being entered into Highrise,  improved productivity, and increased sales conversions.
Thanks again to everyone at 37Signals…
As far as we’re concerned, Highrise is the best CRM solution available in the industry today.  It’s a fast, well-developed web application that is also simple and user friendly, which is why it was our first choice for integration with FonB.  (If you’re looking for a CRM, we highly recommend that you check out 37 Signals’ Highrise here.)
So again, a big shout out of ‘thanks’ to 37Signals for recognizing our efforts and adding Aptus FonB to your ‘Extras’ page.
Here at Aptus, we’re looking forward to helping Highrise users further increase the value of their data while, at the same time, boosting company productivity and profits.  
Want to become a Beta User of Aptus FonB? (Coming soon)  Click here now, and we’ll explain how you can access a FREE 30-Day Trial.


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