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Say goodbye to isolated phonebooks and contact lists!  Because we’re now counting down to the beta-release of Aptus FonB:  The Phonebook Solution For Asterisk.

And to celebrate, we’re opening the doors to invite all of our fellow Asterisk geeks to register here if you’d like VIP access to the Beta-release.  
(Hurry, limited copies available!)
Our beta-users will not only receive privileged access to FonB, well in advance of anyone else…
… You’ll have a real opportunity to take it for a spin and submit your feedback and ideas for review by our development team.

Impress management and leave clients speechless when you do ‘the impossible’ by effortlessly syncing the contacts on your mobile phone, Google contacts, internal office extensions, and even the client list on your internal Highrise CRM to bring it right on your IP Phone…    

Ask yourself, how many different phonebooks does an average person use on daily basis?
Again, there are MANY!  You have a mobile phonebook, Google contacts, Internal Extensions within your office, and the client list within your Highrise CRM.

With Aptus FonB, you can easily integrate and sync all these standalone contact list into Asterisk.… All while maintaining the privacy of personal contacts, on an individual level!
Plus, you can seamlessly switch active calls between your mobile phone… webphone… office IP phone… and more.

Truly, this is just the beginning of how FonB can better connect your business!  (Click here to get a complete feature list.)
So who are the brains behind Aptus?
Half of us are Asterisk Developers while the other half are Network Integration Specialists.      
But really, we see ourselves more as innovative problem solvers. We’re IT maniacs with a passion for helping people get more out of the daily technology that runs their lives and businesses.
That’s why, while other development teams have been busy creating new forks for Asterisk, we decided to think bigger and, instead, developed FonB as a true technology upgrade that can run on top of almost all of the most famous Asterisk distributions.

If you’re an Asterisk junkie like us, we encourage you to sign up now for Early Exclusive Access to a FREE 30-Day Trial version of Aptus FonB… we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.
But please take note, we’ll be releasing limited trial downloads.  
So you’ll want to hurry and sign up, share it with at least three of your friends to guarantee yours!
Click here now to sign up for the FREE 30-Day Trial of Aptus FonB.