Our Newest and Enhanced Release of FonB – the #1 Mobility Solution for your Asterisk IP PBX

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In constant efforts to enhance our mobility products and end-user experience, Aptus Telecom’s technical team has been working day and night to deliver an enhanced FonB Web and Mobile applications, and ensure that our customers get the most value from using the #1 mobility solution for their Asterisk IP PBX systems. A much easier installation process, enhanced RPM, the Administration Portal, and improvements in voice quality in our WebPhone, are some of the enhancements you will notice from the previous releases.

FonB’s newest release includes the following developments:  

Installation via RPM: We’ve introduced a new way for the installation process with an RPM package (Red Hat Package Manager). In previous releases, you would’ve had to install FonB via a script. All you have to do now is enter a single command, and the RPM will take it from there – we’re getting much closer to a “Single-Click” installation.

Admin Portal: We’ve also just recently introduced the Admin Portal. This will allow system administrators to easily manage their Asterisk extensions and choose which ones would have access to FonB, set their passwords, create speed dial contacts, and much more! We’ve also made it smart, it will auto detect the extensions defined in your Elastix or FreePBX system so you don’t have to go through the hassle of importing each and every extension in your system.

FonB Admin Portal

Sound Quality Enhancements: WebPhone performance has been drastically improved to ensure maximum quality of voice communications. Our technical team has worked hard to get the voice quality we’re currently providing to our customers to this stage. Previously, there was some delay and choppiness in some of the voice calls made from the WebPhone, you can now judge for yourself!

FonB WebPhone

Enhanced CDR Retrieval Method in FreePBX 12: Many of our customers just adore the way we present our Call history and analytics for their FreePBX extensions. With the recent release of FreePBX 12, we have also introduced a new CDR retrieval method specifically for this release. FonB will maintain the same response time when it works with the CDR in FreePBX 12 just as all the other releases.

What to look forward to next?

Our next big move that we’re extremely excited about is FonB’s official release in the Elastix Addon marketplace. We have partnered up with Palo Santo in efforts to certify and official introduce FonB to the Elastix Marketplace. This is expected to be released within the next few days as the certification process from Palo Santo has just been completed. What does this mean? For Elastix users, installing FonB has never been easier, all you have to do now is install, use and manage FonB right from within your Elastix server. It’s that simple!

FonB for Elastix

We will continue to work on introducing new features and enhancements in the coming releases, and have some great ideas to take your Asterisk, Elastix and FreePBX mobility experience to the next level. Just hold on tight and keep on rockin' those calls!

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