Announcing Price Reduction for FonB’s Annual Packages

Providing our customers with the best mobility solutions for Asterisk IP PBX systems has been our core focus since we came up with the idea of FonB a couple years ago. During that time we’ve worked hard to keep on introducing new features, enhancement in our services and providing the best quality web and mobile VoIP communications for your Asterisk IP PBX systems. It was never an easy ride, but we consistently outperformed all our competitors by evolving from being a phonebook and contact management solution, to becoming a renowned and comprehensive unified communications and mobility solution in the Asterisk community. Over the past year, we’ve expanded our customer reach to new regions, and our user base grew 260% in the past 6 months. In addition, we have been consistently told how much our customers appreciate our focus on providing exceptional customer service and support.

Today, we are excited to announce our new and reduced price plans. As a result of our constant commitment to our customers, internal engineering and delivering on the value of our products, we are able to keep passing the savings to you.

Why the change?

Since we rolled out FonB, our core and most powerful product has always been FonB Web (User Portal), which provides a seamless unified communications experience to the user, and allows them to access their Asterisk extensions, make and receive VoIP calls, synchronize and unify their contacts, view and export call history and details, switch calls between multiple devices, and much more, regardless of their location. Along the way we have also introduced our mobility solution, FonB Mobility, and provided most of the web features in an intuitive mobile application available on Android and iPhone supported devices. This introduced mobility to FonB and allowed users to take their IP PBX extensions with them wherever they go, regardless of the device and network they’re running off of. The FonB mobile application was introduced to complement FonB Web and hence we strongly believe that the new pricing would make much more sense to our customers than ever before.

The new pricing has already been reflected in our website and billing systems. The following clarifies the new pricing plans:

1-      FonB Mobility: $9.99/user - annually
ü  Native Mobile App for Android and iPhone Devices

2-      FonB Web: $19.99/user - annually
ü  Intuitive Web-Based User Interface

3-      FonB Combo: $24.99/user - annually
ü  Full features combined in a single platform for web and mobility

This price change does not, in any way, affect the features that we offer with each product. The features are still as rich as always with each package, and the value that FonB brings to your Asterisk PBXs is still as substantial as ever been.

To get more details on the new pricing, please visit our pricing page on our website.

To learn more about the new pricing please contact me either at or by calling +1 415 599 1122.