FonB Loading..... 99% Completed - 1% Remaining!

And don’t you DARE touch our coffee machine.  ;-)

There are quite a few similarities between the PERFECT shot of espresso and FonB!

(I know what you’re thinking! Crazy, over-caffeinated programmers. But stay with me!  We've put thought into this... while standing over our coffee machine... waiting for our next espresso shot...)
To make the perfect shot of espresso you need to:
  • Grind the coffee beans in a portafilter (8-10 seconds).
  • Place the portafilter under the group head of the coffee machine (5-6 seconds).
  • Adjust the handle of the portafilter (3 second).
  • Press the ‘START’ button.   
  • Wait 25-35 seconds for the espresso.
  • Remove portafilter from the machine when done (3 second).
  • Throw away the used grind (2 seconds).
  • Clean the machine (5 seconds).
  • Take the first sip of your espresso. (1.5 glorious seconds).
… And that’s where we’re at with FonB right now!

We’re taking those first glorious sips... testing our work.  And then adjusting and tweaking as necessary.  So that, soon, when we’re ready to present FonB to you 30 days from now, it’ll be the perfect shot of software.

And just like you spend 1% of your total development time (67.5 seconds), taste testing your perfect shot of espresso... we’re spending the last 1% of our software development time testing FonB.

That’s right, after 8 years (96 months) of development, we’re in the final month of testing  - Just 30 days away (1% of 8 years) from releasing our Beta Version to you!

FonB: The Phonebook Solution for Asterisk is COMING SOON!

If you haven’t already, sign up to become a Beta User with an Exclusive Access to our FREE 30-Day Trial - click here now!

And stay tuned...  We’re counting down the days!


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