FonB - The User Portal for Asterisk

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If you try to look around for the available Asterisk GUIs, you’ll realize that every graphical user interface has been designed to facilitate Asterisk Admins. Elastix, FreePBX, PBX In A Flash, AsteriskNOW etc, all of them empower admins. While admin portals have an undenied importance, there is scarcely any solution that reduces the gap between Asterisk and the non technical users.

Proprietary IP PBX vendors like Avaya and Cisco understands this fact very well. You will find their marketing guys focus on presenting features supporting end users. This blog explains the mobility features directly to end users. The same applies to Cisco, Mitel,... etc.

FonB is a feature rich product, we have a wide range of versatile features developed to make average users life easier. We try achieve this goal by simplifying tasks that are considered hassle in daily life. We know that geeks find their ways to resolve a problem, however, non technical folks are left behind with complicated tasks. Frank (our CTO), for instance, wrote a script that used to import all the contacts from his mobile to his IP Phone. It helped our lead developers once, but didn’t help the receptionist operator much as he had to manually import around 500 corporate contacts to his operator console with frequent updates. That is the kind of pain we wanted to reduce. So we delivered FonB.

Using FonB, any salesman can import his private mobile contacts right in his IP Phone, without the fear of them being exposed to someone else. We understand that any sales lead is an asset, and therefore should be confidential. We ensure that your contacts remain private and secure. You will always have a choice to revoke access either from within FonB or from your Gmail.

An operator, for example can import complete multiple contact lists, no matter how large it is, right into the IP Phone/Operator Console. Assuming each number consists of at least 9 digits, providing a solution like FonB to import and synchronize a contact list of 500 contacts saves around 5000 keystrokes for any operator. FonB does this in 3 simple clicks !

Customer Support team can always create and update notes without going into the inconvenience of logging into the corresponding CRM profile  in order to update it with the most recent comment. Everything can be done from within FonB - with a single click.

Department Heads are always looking to distinguish the working hands within organizations. They can always measure work calls in comparison to personal calls by simply logging into FonB. More Highrise Calls by a particular user means more work related calls and vice versa.

Account Auditors are not required to dig deeper into CDR Server Reports anymore. They can  now see the Call History of assigned users in order to figure out the way they have been using their Telephones.

The most useful feature for any type of employee is the Call Switching. It’s the True Mobility at your finger tips. Any user can switch an ongoing call from IP Phone to Mobile or to Webphone or vice versa. This is one of the most important features we bring for Asterisk users.

We, at Aptus Telecom, are proud of our contribution, turned into a business to the community, it makes us feel good.

An impressive user portal for Asterisk in the form of Aptus FonB is now available for Asterisk users. Download your 30 days trial now and start exploring the potentials of Aptus FonB.