FonB Mobile - The Kick Off

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On 14th August 2013, five and a half months ago, we announced that FonB will be available as a mobile app very soon. Well, the kick off time for that announcement has finally arrived. Our mobile app was one of the most anticipated products for our users and we are happy to announce hereby that it is now available to be purchased and used at our website as well as at iTunes.
FonB App - Settings page
We admit that it took us more time than anticipated, however, we got delayed for two (genuine) reasons. First of all, we had to change the backend communication protocol between Mobile App and FonB Server from SIP to IAX2 due to certain reasons we have discussed about FonB Mobile Goes IAX Secondly, we were very much concerned about the quality of app to be introduced to our users. Thus, we had to code the app in a very optimized way to avoid any memory leakages or battery drainage situations. The supercool fact is that, we got our app approved in very first attempt, without any observation from Apple, which means, the code was almost perfect. Fascinating!

So, for now, the hottest news from Aptus HQ is that you can now download the FonB App for iPhone from iTunes and from our website and can use it in two different ways. 

If you are looking to give it a try before going to enable this feature corporate wide, you can download the FonB Mobile app from iTunes and then use the in-app purchase to buy a Single User - Multi Server License worth $25. This means that you will be able to use the same iPhone Device with licensed FonB Mobile with any FonB Server as it will not be binded with FonB Server.

Another way to use it, is to purchase an Unlimited Mobile Server Addon which is Multi User - Single Server binded. This purchase can be made from our website using your credit card or PayPal account and will enable unlimited number of Mobile Users for a particular FonB Server. Definitely, this license won’t be requiring any in-app purchase. 

Both licenses will work with FonB Free for 5 Users package, however, only users with passwords in /etc/phoneb/phoneb.cfg will be able to use it. Thus, if you have purchased 6 Mobile App single licenses worth $25 each, only users with passwords in users.cfg will be able to use the mobile app. Please note that the total number of users in this case can not exceed 5 users. Same applies for FonB Mobile Unlimited. 

Remember, FonB Mobile App is a great step towards Unified Communication right at your finger tips. And guess what - We even impressed Mark Spencer with this particular app while he was having our product demo at IT Expo 2014 held in Miami Beach, Florida. 

IT Expo in Miami

Enjoy the app and have a great time ahead !