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The beauty of Open Source can never be denied. Besides, Free Software Community is something everyone of us loves to be part of. However, organizations need to be profitable in order for them to fill the gaps between the consumed resources and the return of investment to keep the wheel spinning. Open Source projects usually earn their ROI by selling support which is a good strategy, however, we believe otherwise.

Aptus FonB is not completely closed. The part of it that is related to normal users is totally open. Thus, if you want to implement Quick Dial button anywhere on the front end, you can do so. You can also change the look & feel of the application by modifying the CSS. You can further customize it with the appropriate Java Scripting.

FonB frontend is hosted on Github and is publicly available. The ‘magic’ is done by the config parameter ‘BaseDir’. It is the acronym for Base Directory and was included specifically for development purposes. Thus, if you have a running FonB Server and you are looking for some adventurous development on the same machine without any fear of disturbing others, you can simply clone the FonB Directory in your machine and point the BaseDir to that directory under /etc/phoneb/users.cfg (your extension config). Restart FonB service and start doing your things. All other users will keep on using their original version of FonB and won’t be affected by the changes you have committed in your BaseDir. Isn’t that Great!

The Best part is yet to come your way, as from Release v1.0.5 onwards, you are open to add your preferred local language to the default one. We have elaborated about this topic in our Documentation. So stay tuned and play around with Aptus FonB front end. You can find it on Github. Feel free to modify it and don’t forget to send us push requests.

Your valued contribution will be honored by including your input  in our official application, and by mentioning your name in the release notes as well.