Introducing FonB Price Structure

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We are pleased to share with you that we have got an overwhelming response regarding Aptus FonB ‘30 days trial’ release. The Majority of users were able to install and use the application successfully. However, the most frequently asked question was from eager users who were curious about our detailed pricing structure.

Today, the pricing details for Aptus FonB has been Launched.

First, Allow me to explain the difference between our packages before introducing the pricing structure.

There are two main categories of FonB Packages:
  • Base Packages (the platform products).
  • Addon Packages (the Optional Products).
The ‘Base Package’ is a mandatory purchase product that enables users to benefit from the basic level features that we call ‘FonB Core Features’.  which include:
  • The Unified Call History.
  • Active Calls.
  • Call Switching.
  • Number Re-write Rule.
  • Google Contacts Synchronization.
  • IP Phone XML App.
  • Number Lookup and other features.
All of these features are available on Web Interface.

The ‘Addon Packages’ will provide you with additional features and can be purchased separately. You can always run the Base Package without the need to purchase any of the Addon Packages if you choose not to, however, you won’t be able to purchase the Addons without purchasing the prerequisite Base Package first.

We have replaced our initial ‘30 days trial’ offer with our permanently Free (FonB Basic - 5 user license Package) which will be supporting up to 5 users free of charge forever,. This will allowing definition of only 5 users in users.cfg file, making it easier for the decision makers of any organization to try FonB before performing any purchase and making a  companywide commitment. You can now download, install, and use our Product in your working environment. Furthermore, if you are a startup or a small organization with less than 5 users, you can enjoy our free FonB Basic package.

The next package is (FonB Standard- Unlimited user License) providing you with all features of FonB Basic but with unlimited users. You will be able to define as many users as you want using users.cfg in the standard version.

As stated earlier, FonB Basic & Standard are the standalone packages and can be run without any Addon. Besides these two standalone packages, we are also offering Addon Packages which are considered as ‘Plus Packages’ that can be purchased if you require additional features to the basic feature set that FonB server provides.

These Addon Packages include:
  • FonB CRM Addon.
  • FonB iPhone Client Addon.
  • FonB iPhone Server Addon.
‘FonB CRM Addon’ Package: 
FonB Base Packages doesn’t include CRM Integration. Thus, in order to enable this feature, you will have to purchase a license for ‘FonB CRM Addon’ Package. The license for this addon will be applied to the pre-installed ‘FonB base package’ and will be unique to that specific version of FonB Base Package. i.e, you won’t be able to transfer that license to a newer FonB Base Server major release, however, all the minor releases will be provided to the same license. It will also be dependent upon the Base Package you are installing it on, thus, if you’re using ‘FonB Basic 5 user License’ (Free) Package, then you won’t be able to integrate more than 5 users with Highrise CRM. however, If, however, you have equipped this Addon to ‘FonB Standard Base’ Package, you will be able to integrate as many users as you like with Highrise CRM.

FonB iPhone App per user (Coming Soon): 
This package will provide you a single user license to activate FonB App functionalities for your iPhone device and can be purchased via iTunes App Store. FonB iPhone App will work with any base package regardless of any major release it is running. This addon is in  it’s final stages of testing and will be released soon.

FonB Mobile App per Server (Coming Soon for iPhone and Android):
This Package will allow you to run FonB App for iPhone on unlimited number of devices on the contrary to the ‘FonB iPhone App per user’. However, the server package will be binded to the ‘FonB Base Package’ which means that it will be valid for that specific major release of FonB base package running while the purchase of the license. Just like FonB iPhone single app license, this addon is in it’s final stages of testing as well and will be released soon.

The prices for all these packages are affordable. We could have come up with per user based prices, however, we believe that if Asterisk gives you flexibility of adding more and more users to your telephony system, we should empower each and everyone of them with the same flexibility. We’ve made our base package with 5 users for free, so that the stakeholders and decision makers of your organization can try it fully before deciding to finally buy the product. This is our way of contributing to small startups who are looking to procure powerful tools to help them until they expand, and once they are grown do, they can always upgrade their packages to FonB unlimited License Server. FonB Standard costs only USD 350 per server, for unlimited number of users. FonB CRM Addon costs  USD 100, iPhone App Server costs USD 200 and iPhone App user license costs on  USD 25

We have divided the whole solution for you to acquire it as you need it...
You can Try FonB Basic, if you like it, go ahead and buy it.
If your work requires CRM? you can Buy it as an Addon.
If you are looking for all the functionalities on your mobile? Try FonB iPhone App for  a single user and when you start loving it, then go for the Mobile Server edition.

FonB brings you great products right within your financial reach.

To Know more about our Aptus FonB pricing structure Click Here

Download your copy of FonB Basic for free from here, without any credit card details requirement.

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