Asterisk Phonebook Solution Gets 2 Thumbs Up From Industry Leaders

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Less than a week post-launch, and we’re already getting kudos and positive feedback from industry leaders about our new Phonebook Solution for Asterisk:  FonB.

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We’ve already been contacted by Digium who expressed a lot of interest and enthusiasm for the application we developed for Digium IP Phones.  In fact, they liked it so much they published an entire blog post about it that you can read here.

Digium API IP Phone App
As well, we were honored with an invitation from Randy Resnick of to participate in his highly acclaimed VoIP Users Conference.  We fielded some great questions from VUC users, who also made some cool feature suggestions that we’re seriously contemplating adding in an upcoming release of FonB.  (If you’re interested, you can review our complete session with Randy here).

We’re also pleased to see that our conversations throughout the Asterisk community have reignited interest in improving the phonebook solution.

(As we expected, our conversations with other developers revealed that nobody was satisfied with the phonebook solutions available pre-FonB.  The open source utilities and scripts available are very basic and require a lot of configuring for each phonebook you work with - at the cost of making your private contacts public!)

As the community works to further develop the phonebook, it will be to all our benefit, so we consider this renewed interest a big win for everyone.

Finally, we want to remind everyone that you’re invited to try FonB for 30 days, FREE.

We don’t ask for credit card info, so no tricks.   We’re just interested in giving our fellow Asterisk developers and VoIP enthusiasts the opportunity to take it for a spin so you can tell us, honestly, what you think!

If you have any feedback, we welcome your comments and ideas here.

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