The Art of Call Switching !

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Some call it mobility, others know it as hand-off. For us, it’s an Art and we are proud to be perfectionists in it.

The core concept of Active Call Switching revolves around the fact of having the flexibility to switch the call between different devices (IP Phone, Mobile Phone & Webphone) without the other party noticing the difference. Your IP Deskphone is a must-have device. FonB empowers you with a Webphone, enabling you to use the same extension from wherever you want, and your mobile phone is like your GSM-identity,  something you carry almost everywhere.
However, constraints never provide you unlimited freedom. Here’s the problem statement:

“Hey Max, I need to leave office and so I can’t continue with this call from my IP Phone. Let me call you back from my mobile”.

And without wasting your valuable time, here’s the solution to this problem:

You can switch an ongoing call from your Office IP Phone to your mobile in case you are in a rush to attend an external meeting. OR Access your extension from home (using your Webphone), and never worry about the internet quality getting bad...all you need is just a single click to switch your call to your mobile. And guess what? you can always get the same call back, once the internet is back to normal ! I bet you liked what we are offering, why don’t you signup here to give it a try.